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José Saramago….the saga of Allegories

José Saramago died on 18th June 2010. Ater several months in hospital, Saramago returned home in February  to a hectic schedule. The adaptation of Blindness, by Brazilian film-maker Fernando Meirelles, opened  in UK cinemas. Saramago attended a private preview in Lisbon. For the past 15 years, José Saramago lived with his journalist wife,Pilar del Ríothe  […]

My introduction to Sven Hedin and Trans Himalaya

Sven Hedin was a Swedish explorer and geographer whose investigations in Tibet and western China made him one of the most eminent explorers of Asia.My introduction to  Hedin was through his book Trans Himalaya which was in my father’s Library.  The most outstanding and attractive  part of the book was one large panoramic view in […]

I was introduced to Lucian Blaga by my friend Roxanna

Lucian Blaga is all over . Till recently he was an unknown poet until a friendof mine from Romania,Roxanna introduced me to him. Then suddenly I found everybody quoting him and I followed suit…..and then with a few weeks he was in The Telegraph.. newspaper of Calcutta. Roxanna quoted him often…… Melancolie Un vânt răzleţ […]

Satyajit Ray and the Calcutta Triology

Satyajit Ray began his career with the poetic ‘Apu Trilogy,’ made between 1955 and 1959 as the study of a young man’s attempt to find himself and come to terms with the eternal conditions of life and its two opposite poles: love and death. Three of Ray’s films made between 1970 and 1971 in effect […]

Jorge Luis Borges,my father and the Book of Sand

Nirmal Chandra Kumar,my father, who died of cerebral stroke in 1978, aged 60, was a man who was an antiquarian and owned a rare bookshop in Calcutta , India. He was also among the greatest influences on a generation of artists, from filmmaker to fiction writers, folk musician to folk artist; actors to activists, writer […]

José Saramago … Blindness

Blindness….I just finished reading the book .It is the story of an unexplained mass epidemic of blindness afflicting nearly everyone in an unnamed city, and the social breakdown that swiftly follows. The novel follows the misfortunes of a handful of characters who are among the first to be stricken and centers around a doctor and […]