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Susan Sontag : Question of Knowledge

Very few of us have heard of Susan Sontag. I was introduced to her by Father Gaston Roberge in the class on Film Appreciation at St. Xavier’s College. Roberge introduced us to her Essay On Photography (1977). Sontag professed  that the evolution of modern technology has changed the viewer. She calls this the emergence of […]

José Saramago….the saga of Allegories

José Saramago died on 18th June 2010. Ater several months in hospital, Saramago returned home in February  to a hectic schedule. The adaptation of Blindness, by Brazilian film-maker Fernando Meirelles, opened  in UK cinemas. Saramago attended a private preview in Lisbon. For the past 15 years, José Saramago lived with his journalist wife,Pilar del Ríothe  […]

Satyajit Ray and the Calcutta Triology

Satyajit Ray began his career with the poetic ‘Apu Trilogy,’ made between 1955 and 1959 as the study of a young man’s attempt to find himself and come to terms with the eternal conditions of life and its two opposite poles: love and death. Three of Ray’s films made between 1970 and 1971 in effect […]

André Bazin and my French lessons

The only person who has  a wide impact on the cinema without making a single movie. I first came to know of André Bazin in the Communication Course at St. Xavier’s College Calcutta .He is a genius of the first order. Much of Bazin’s work was not available in translation then and he forced me […]

Louis Malle in Calcutta

In 1968 Louis Malle came to Calcutta and was introduced to my father by the film maker Satyajit Ray. I remember Malle then sporting a beard. I was made his guide as he wanted to roam the streets of Calcutta .You know …just be with him and take him around. He traveled to India without […]