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My brush with INDIRA GANDHI

On 1st. of January 1978 I joined Rediffusion Advertising. Not the Rediffusion you see now, famous with the baggage from the days. Rediffusion: striving, lean , thin and hungry. Modled much in the line of the then famous advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. Rediffusion was started and run by B School graduates of IIM. […]

Susan Sontag : Question of Knowledge

Very few of us have heard of Susan Sontag. I was introduced to her by Father Gaston Roberge in the class on Film Appreciation at St. Xavier’s College. Roberge introduced us to her Essay On Photography (1977). Sontag professed  that the evolution of modern technology has changed the viewer. She calls this the emergence of […]

José Saramago….the saga of Allegories

José Saramago died on 18th June 2010. Ater several months in hospital, Saramago returned home in February  to a hectic schedule. The adaptation of Blindness, by Brazilian film-maker Fernando Meirelles, opened  in UK cinemas. Saramago attended a private preview in Lisbon. For the past 15 years, José Saramago lived with his journalist wife,Pilar del Ríothe  […]

Bertolt Brecht,Threepenny Opera and Tin Paisar Pala

Playwright, poet and lyricist Bertolt Brecht was among the most controversial figures ever to impact musical theater; an avowed Marxist, he worked to create one of the most provocative bodies of work ever staged.

Nalanda where Xuan Zang studied Buddhism

The grand vision of resurrecting the ancient international glories of Nalanda University may take some time to fulfil as ambitions are being tailored to current financial limitations, admitted Noble Laureate,Amartya Sen, chairman of the Nalanda Mentor Group. Nalanda was violently destroyed in an Afghan attack , led by the ruthless conqueror, Bakhtiyar Khilji, in 1193, […]

Karl Marx and how he influenced me

Thanks to the crisis of neo-liberalism, Karl Marx is en vogue again. I was introduced to him by my friend Sanjay Nigam, when I was 14 and studying in school. Sanjay’s father a Linguist was then in USSR. He emphasized that Karl Marx was an Economist and not a politician.He empasised that the worker becomes […]

Ho Chi Minh….Amar nam, Tomar nam, Vietnam,Vietnam

A fertile land riven by a civil war fought between guerrillas and armed forces brought in from outside, with defenceless peasants caught in the deadly crossfire. Liberal voices of protest against aggression brutally suppressed by the powers that be. A political backlash that threatens to cleave the country in two. Vietnam in the 1960s. In […]

Dr David Livingstone and the incomplete Map of Africa

In my drawing room wall I have a huge map of  a portion of Central Africa from the surveys, drawings and observations of Dr David Livingstone between the years 1866 and 1873 engraved by the Royal Geographical Society.The map is incomplete as in the middle of the exploration Dr. Livingstone was struck by malaria which […]

Mao’s Impact

In the summer of 1967 when I was a lad of 11, I felt the impact of Mao Zedong. A section of Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) led by Charu Majumdar and Kanu Sanyal led a violent uprising in 1967, trying to develop a “revolutionary opposition”. The insurrection started in 1967 in Naxalbari village […]